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Brother printers – DO NOT BUY

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No more quality! After 12 to 18 months always break down – which I think has system. Lower quality with only one purpose, sell new printers or have expensive repairs. Definitely expensive repairs or buying new follows after the warranty period expires. And no one will help you!
Save many nerves and buy Epson, Canon, Lexmark, or whatever – just NOT BROTHER Printers anymore!

It’s 12 years ago when the world of Brother still seems to be in order. At least in my office. That was the time I had a MFC Brother printer in my Office that has done his service for legendary for fabulous 10 years. Only I had to replace the ink cartridges.

Today everything is different. The quality of Brother Products is more than questionable. Within summed up three years here in the Philippines we had to buy 4 Brother Printers. And I was stupid enough to do so again and again.

After one and a half years each of these printers does not work anymore – they break down! In my opinion the Brother is doing that on purpose. New printers of BROTHER INTERNATIONAL PHILIPPINES CORPORATION have maximum lifespan of 12 to 18 months. Then you must count with both a very expensive repair and stupid charges, or you must purchase a new printer.

Of course the Service Center will tell you, sorry it’s not worth to repair. Better buy a new one! We do that now already almost regularly. BUT NOW IT IS ENOUGH!IMG_20150126_103125
We will never buy any Brother Products again for lifetime!

Three years ago, it was a MFC 6890 CDW with which we suddenly no longer could scan! The rest did no longer as well. BUY NEW ONE! Almost at the same time, also our MFC J430W worked no longer, broke down either!

The latest or recent broken model in our collection – the MFC J6510DW is broken just two weeks ago. Printer cartridge is no longer detected. The whole printer is paralyzed! Until today not repaired! Brother Philippines don’t care if we can work or not because of their stupid printers! And we’re not talking about cheap printers – believe me!

Because the device is after one and a half years out of warranty, according to brother customer support supervisor Diane Marcelo not even their nearest Service Center (DGTech Business Computer System in Dumaguete) cares about. There responsible Ms. Ivy. Just in case if you have been fucked also and you need to know.IMG_20150126_103125

On the contrary: when we called Brother Philippines it comes out, we have to transport the appliance to Dumaguete our own. THE PRINTER WEIGHS 16 KILO! And its 1 ½ hours away by car and by boat to get there to check printer. So we should drive car for half an hour plus a ride for one hour with a boat…??? Of course we should bring the printer also to their office which is far away from the pier as well! What a fucking bull shit service!!!!!

The Service Center in Dumaguete, 35 kilometers away was themselves too good to travel to the island of Siquijor and repair the MFC-J6510DW on-site. AND the joke of the day: Tom Moralez from the Service Center in CEBU which is about 150 km wanted to come.

Costs of Stupidity:
• Service charge: 1800 pesos (about 37 euros), no matter whether the printer later is running or not!
• Spare parts must be paid extra
• Transportation of approximately 6 hours one way from CEBU to be paid in addition
What’s going wrong here? Here is definitely something wrongIMG_20150126_110636

KEEP THE HANDS OF BROTHER PRINTERS. There products are the purest repair bunch. The whole thing is just a big mess in service and quality. GO FOR OTHER PRODUCTS but not BROTHER.

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